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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.

Does God exist? This is one of the most important questions one can ask. Belief in the existence of God has enormous implications for life.

Unlike the question “Is there a God?” few people ask if Jesus existed. The Bible tells us that Jesus was more than a prophet, teacher, or good person.

We have the idea that when we die we go to heaven if we have been good, and to hell if we have been bad.

But is that really the case?



From Buddhist nun to Christ follower

Dolors during her 3 month home confinement in 2020, was transformed by God to leave the idols of Buddhism and Reiki practices to follow Jesus. The Lord was calling her to be baptised….

Jorge Cabildo

From professional video game player to follower of Christ

Video games were his life, both professionally and socially, admired by many people on social networks. Jorge felt empty inside, for the first time he listened to his father and discovered who Jesus was…


From Agnostic to Follower of Christ

From a non-practising Catholic family, Carla was always searching for the truth. She investigated all religions to find out who God was? what is the meaning of my life? she looked everywhere except in Christianity


From atheist, role-playing games and alcohol to Christ-follower

As a young boy Esteve played role-playing games and rejected anything that talked about Jesus. In the street he was stopped and prayed for healing of his foot and leg…

Who are we?

Why did we make this website, who are the people behind it?

Marc, disciple of Jesus.

Since I was a little boy going to church, there came a time when I wanted to seek Jesus more. I wanted to be filled with God and live the kingdom of God as the first Christians, the first disciples of Jesus, lived it.

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